Usually our users use built-in or external microphone as sound sources. But sometimes user would likes capture sound from system output. There are examples for it: capture sound from YouTube-video or sound from game. So let explain how do it.

Notes: if you would like capture from desktop Skype or Viber please use this instructions:

Step 1: install SoundFlower

For the task you should install open-source software called SoundFlower.


project page:

So download package from download link and install it step-by-step.  Please use right-click menu for open package (see picture)

Step 2: configuration

a) open Application –> Utilities –> Audio MIDI Setup

b) in bottom-left corner click “+” and select “Create Multi-Output Device”

c) so you have  “Multi-Output Device”. Select it and check checkbox as on picture.

d) make new device as system output

Step 3: usage in JustBroadcaster

Use “Soundflower (2ch)”-audio source for capture system output.

Of course you can mix built-in microphone and “Soundflower(2ch)”:

Be aware: we recommended use headphones for this case because you can get auto-echo (see about echo)