Before starting live-streaming it is very important to know your internet speed. When you working at home you know your internet speed and everything works correctly. If you change your location, you may have a problem with broadcasting. The reason may be low internet speed, and you need to change your streaming speed.

How To

We added special tool for test network speed.


Step 1: go to Help Center –> Network Test


Step 2: press “RUN”


Step 3: read result

Notes: Please don’t change “TCP Port” field. It should be 80 for Facebook and 1935 for YouTube.

If you get error

Sometimes you can get error as on picture:


In many cases this means network problem – your network does not allow use this tcp port for video traffic.

Possible reasons:

  • Your network has Firewall and it allows only HTTP-traffic (“web-page”)
  • Your internet provider block RTMP-streaming through this port. Sometimes providers don’t like video streaming(video is “heavy” traffic) and break connection for not-http traffic. So you need detail from internet provider about “rtmp streaming throught port 80 (for Facebook) or 1935 (for YouTube)”.

What is next ?

For example you got speed 612 Kbs. So you can’t stream on bigger speed. Use 512 Kbs for Live Stream.



Advanced Question

You can measure speed by services like  or

result by

But be aware: this services measure speed for HTTP-protocol (for “web page”), not for video-traffic.  What is problem: some providers have good speed for web-pages and decrease speed for other type of content(for video, torrents etc).  Our “Network Test” does measurement for video-traffic and more preferable for test.