Direct streaming mode allows you type RTMP params (server address and streaming key) directly to JustBroadcaster. Usually JustBroadcaster get RTMP params by API. But in some cases our users want type them directly.

So use “Cmd + OnAir” combination for start direct streaming.

Example 1: Facebook Workplace

Facebook has “business” version – Facebook Workplace. Unfortunatelly for this version FB doesn’t provide Live API, so JustBroadcaster can’t read this RTMP params.

So press “Cmd + OnAir” and open this  link and do steps from image

Example 2: Wowza

You have Wowza-server and want stream to it. No problem – just use “Direct mode” for enter RTMP params.
Let me show it on Wowza Streaming Cloud

So press “Cmd + OnAir” , copy/paste params for Wowza and press “Start Stream”