We have expanded tools for Live streaming and added color filters to the broadcaster. This allows you to change colors and shades of any materials in live streaming: slides, videos, programs, the image itself, etc.
If you’ve been up all night preparing materials for the webinar or are in doubt about the background, the filters will help to smooth out the signs of fatigue, makeup defects, and lighting deficiencies, as well as to make the image live and original.
This can be done easily. Move your mouse cursor over the screen, click the butterfly icon, and select the desired filter.
There are several options
Standard (no filters)
Black and white
When running your webinar in different modes, you can highlight your presentation or individual files shown in the window by giving them aging, vintage or retro effects.
You can use filters to highlight parts of your webinar based on the information provided. For example, if you are speaking about your history, you can set a vintage or a polaroid filter to make something look ‘as it was in the past’, while the results and goals achieved can be shown in a regular mode. If you are commenting on the replacement of filters with words, later your auto-webinar will have an additional ‘live’ effect.
By the way, we haven’t found any similar features in Google Hangouts. And if you prefer or got used to run your webinars in Hangouts, you can try our solution for YouTube streaming
If you like the variety or want to make your streaming stylish and unusual, you have all necessary tools. Of course, to do this, you need Mac, FB account and our broadcaster. And Facebook Live gets brighter.