So you have Viber Desktop and want capture your conversation and stream it. Ok, no problem.

Step 1: Install SoundFlower.

SoundFlower is very popular open-source sound driver for macOs.

Project page:

So download package from DOWNLOAD LINK and install it step-by-step.  Please use right-click menu for open package (see picture)



Step 2: Setup Viber

Please open Viber (desktop of course) and open preferences dialog. Select “Soundflowe (2ch)”  for  “Audio Output”


Step 3: open JustBroadcaster and connect headphones to Mac

a) Add audio devices “SoundFlower (2ch)” and “Built-in Microphone”


b) connect headphones to Mac and turn-on icon “Headphone”.


So you can call into Viber and start stream.


NOTES: for use Viber without JustBroadcaster please open Viber->Preferences and change “Audio Output” to “Built-in Output”.