What’s happens?

I think you heard about “Cambridge analytica and Facebook” scandal.  So Facebook did some “Breaking Changes” in his side and many features (likes “read managed groups”) broke.

As result our users can’t see list of “Groups” for streaming.




So we need got approve for our apps again. It takes some times, may be 2-3 weeks, Facebook paused this process for review platform globally.

But there are exists other way for streaming to group by JustBroadcaster.


Other way

JustBroadcaster support “Direct mode” for streaming. So you can use it for streaming to your group.


Step 1: go to Facebook Group and press “Live Video”



Step 2: found  params “Server URL” and “Stream Key” ( “A” & “B”  in picture above):

NOTES: don’t close this window.


Step 3: go to JustBroadcaster and press “Cmd+ OnAir-button”  .  It opens window “Direct Streaming”.  Copy and paste “A” and “B” from previous picture.

And press “Start Stream”




Step 4: preview stream in Facebook and press “Go Live”



“Direct mode” does’t allow read comments, reactions and likes inside JustBroadcaster.