this info applied to:

  • JustBroadcaster for Facebook 1.9.1
  • JustBroadcaster for YouTube 1.8
  • JustBroadcaster for Periscope 1.4

Now in Full HD

You asked – we did. Now the app use Full HD resolution (1920×1080) for internal processing, so you can:

  • Recording to local file in Full HD
  • Streaming in Full HD



NOTES for Facebook:  it seems Facebook roll out availability streaming to Full HD. So you can stream Full HD  but Facebook can downgrade stream to HD. 


NOTES for Periscope: Periscope does not allow streaming in Full HD.


Call to Studio

Now you can invite guests to your live stream. We refactored this process.  Now the app supports three guests at same moment.

So just click on “Guest” icon for add guest.


The app suggests select room (Room A,B, C).  Next step: copy secret url and send to guest (by email or messenger). When a guest opens the link in browser you can see and hear he.



Additional info: