Info applied for WinBroadcaster and JustBroadcaster.

About scenes

Scenes allow quickly setup Pro-look stream. Every scene has slots: you can insert  any video sources into slot.   For example this scene has 2 slots. So you can insert image into slot 1 and insert camera into slot 2, or vice versa.

Scene with two slots

We analyzed some TV-channels (news & business shows) and prepared set of scenes for you

But you can create your scene also: go to top menu–>Tools–>Scene Customizer.

Add scene

Click on “+” icon and select scene.


Default mode

By default  the app uses compact style. It’s perfect for 1-3 scenes.


Default mode

Grid Style UI

If you use 4+ scenes then we recommended use “Grid Style UI” mode:   top menu –> Windows –> Grid Style UI

Grid mode


Independent configuration of scene

You can config a scene in separated window. Click on “gear” icon under a scene. It opens other window. You can setup transition effect and other parameters.

Config of scene