Last versions of JustBroadcaster have feature with “NDI” prefix in name.
To be shortly – “NDI” it’s industry standard for join video-production software.
Ok, but how you can apply it for you? First use-case: you can use “master-slave” configuration for stream to few platforms at one time.For example: I would like stream to YouTube and to Periscope at same time.
Let me explain how do it easy.


1. Setup “Master”

Start JB for YouTube, add sources (cameras, images etc).
Next click on “Tool->Advanced->NDI Output ON/OFF”. Ok, master is ready.


2. Setup “Slave”

Start JB for Periscope, and click on “Add Camera” icon.
System should show new source with “.. JustBroadcaster ..” in name.
It’s “master”. Select it.


3. Finish

It’s all. You have “master-slave” configuration: “slave” shows content from “master”.
So you can start stream to YouTube and stream to Periscope, both will show one “master” picture.


1) Please sum bitrate for calculate total speed. For example: you would stream on 512Kbs to YouTube, and 256Kbs to Periscope. So you should minimum 512+256 internet bandwidth.

2) You can use “master-slave” for stream to multi pages to Facebook (one content – multi target).
It’s easy: macOS allows open few instance of one app.  just open Terminal and type command 3 times:
open -n -a “JustBroadcaster for Facebook”

So you got 3 instance of FB version.  Join them into “master-slave” and stream one content to 3 pages/groups.

3)  NDI allows use apps on different Mac’s (they should be connected to one network, 1Gigabit local network preferred)

4) Of course you can add overlay to “slave”. For example you can add scrolling text “see full version on my YouTube channel” into Periscope version.