Last Updates

We released new update for JustBroadcaster. So version for Facebook is 1.8.5 and for YouTube is 1.7.5

- Added NDI® Output feature (see Tools/Advanced)
- Added margin-fields for manual correcting Lower Third position
- Added support for JustCamera app (our iOS app)
- Change default background image
- Critical bug fixed for recording

NDI Output

We added "NDI output" feature, so you can use JustBroadcaster for join to other NDI software.
( NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. )
NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry.

For instance: you can show JustBroadcaster output on another computer (Windows, Linux, macOS) connected to TV. For example, show your desktop to viewers in a classroom. You need only good internal Wifi or Ethernet (1Gbs)

Margin fields for Lower Third

Sometimes you need move lower third. So we added margins (X and Y) for do it.

JustCamera support

You can use iPhone as web camera with our new iOS app - JustCamera.
Please see detailed about it here.