How To: speed measurement

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Before starting live-streaming it is very important to know your internet speed. When you 

working at home you know your internet speed and everything works correctly. If you change your location, you may have a problem with broadcasting. The reason may be low internet speed, and you need to change your live-streaming speed on facebook.

1.set up speed for your stream

At the launch stream on the broadcaster set a standard broadcast rate of 512 Kbs, which you can change depending on your internet speed.

Internet speed is easy to find using any service, for example,
this service.

If you want a qualitative broadcast, remember to measure internet speed in your streaming place. Remember the rule: streaming speed set in Facebook should be no more than the speed of your Internet.

For example if upload speed is 579Kbit/s then you should use speed 512Kbs or less for your stream (see first picture).

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