How To: multiple scenes

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When starting the broadcaster, by default you will see a standard screen, so to say, one scene.

However, considering our focus being on the simple use of professional tools, we have enabled our broadcaster with the multiple scene functionality. Multiple scenes can be often employed in professional video solutions for switching between different angles, thus giving your broadcast more life. With us, you can do it with 1 click!

So, how can this be done?
Select “Add a scene” on the broadcaster home panel. 

Then select a template to be used for broadcast. We provided 15 templates having one, two or three slots. These can be positioned side by side or overlap. 

Use the mouse to point at a new slot. The icons will pop up. Connect a video source and insert your content (files, software, videos and other stuff to be shown on the screen). Connect the microphone.

You are ready to stream!

The currently selected scene is highlighted in red. To cycle between scenes just use the cursor. To delete the scene you don’t want, click on the configuration wheel at the bottom left corner and select “Delete” from the window that appeared. 

Try it for FREE by downloading here. 

Do fine streaming using awesome hardware.
Available to anyone who loves a Mac.

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