How To: enabling titles

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People who use our broadcaster can now have the tools previously available only in professional video solutions. Using them will not require your being tech-savvy. We intentionally made configuring them very simple.

One of such tools, broadly employed by television and movie industry, is text overlays or titles.

Titles can be practical for different purposes:

- to encourage someone to do something
"Sign up right now to get your discount!"
"Sign up during this webinar broadcast to get a gift in return!"
"Call up within 30 minutes and get your bonus!"
"Place you order within an hour"

- to give information on speaker
Adding personal details on the presenter gives him more credit and weight among the audience. He or she will be seen as a professional person. This tool comes very handy when your webinar features several speakers. You can show speaker’s details in caption, from time to time, to remind him to the viewers and to introduce your guest to those who just joined your broadcast.

- to focus attention
Coaches often utilize various techniques to draw attention when needed:
"Attention! Important information!"
"Remember this number!"
"Right it down or you’ll forget!"
"Now I’m going to say a very important thing, the knowing of which will lead you to success!"

 to present information on stuff being broadcast at the moment 
For instance, if you’re playing a piece of music, reading a book, drawing a picture, and etc., let your viewer know the title and authorship.

- to emphasize essential things 
You can display new terms, presentation agenda, and etc.

- to advertise your site
From time to time, as your webinar continues, you can display contact data, like site address or phone numbers, and etc.

So, how can this be done?
1. Connect a camera and sound. 

2. Click on the “Titles” button on the home panel. 

In the window that will appear you will have the following options available:
·         theme selection (currently we offer 5 themes, with more to come soon);
·         titles duration (in X seconds they will fade away from the screen);
·         main and additional lines for entering titles.

When filled up, don’t forget to click on "Play".

You can add any info and display it multiple times during entire broadcast. 
Several titles can be prepared in advance and displayed when needed.

Try it for FREE by downloading here. 

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