How To: background selection and logo installation

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In broadcaster you have function like background selection and installation your logo.

Select individual background

For your personal broadcasting you can use our standard background or setting your individual background.

But how to do it?
For this you have to press button “settings” on the main broadcaster panel.

In the appeared window select the image,saved on your computer and press “Apply”. Recommended file size for background image is 1280x720.

Periodically, we will find and publish graphic sets for you, downloading that you can supplement your collection of backgrounds. Subscribe to our Facebook page, to be aware of new products.

Setup your logo

Logo placement helps to find and better memorizing of your performances. It is no secret that useful and successful performances like to assign. You can protect your authorship of placing your own logo on the screen.
Logo is selecting in the same dialog.

You can choose placements: left or right, top or down. Recommended height size 180px, format - PNG.

Customize your own style of the screen and start broadcasting!

With tips of the basic setting broadcasts you are available here.

Do fine streaming using awesome hardware.
Available to anyone who loves a Mac.

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