FB OVerlays

We introduced new feature "Facebook Overlays". It's actual for JustBroadcaster for Facebook 1.7.4+

How to use

Customization by customizer

1) Go to FB Overlay Customiser               (we recommended use Chrome or Firefox for customiser)
2) Insert your image
3) Drag & drop reactions and place them on your image
4) Save your theme on local disk
5) After just copy your result into "FB Overlay Themes Folder".

open themes folder

See this video for detail:


  1. May I ask what the point is of these? I've just bought the software, and watched the video above, but don't understand what the point is in the example with the cat and the dog. Can you explain in more detail, please?

    1. Hi Ryan,
      so this video about how to create "Facebook Voting Overlay". So you can stream
      and say " Like for Cat and Heart for Dog". So viewer can voting and you can show this in stream. Another words: you can use FB-reactions as voting mechanics for your live-stream.
      I hope I help to you.

      /// this video for old-version of JB.
      Please view this post: http://help.justbroadcaster.com/en/advanced-usage/facebook-overlay-customizer/