Release JustBroadcaster for YouTube 1.6

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The MacBroadcaster company is pleased to announce the release of a new version of JustBroadcaster for  YouTube 1.6, a software for live broadcasts into YouTube for Mac OS.

We continue improving our instrument for streaming while keeping it comprehensible and easy to use for common users. Despite its simplicity, our program allows a beginner to make a stream like on the “big television” in just a few minutes, with beautiful design, scene switchovers, and effects.

Two main innovations should be emphasized in the new release:
- text overlays (titles) have been added;
- support of professional BlackMagic devices has been implemented.

Text overlays, also known as titles, are widely used on the “big television”. No live TV broadcast is done without them. They add informative value to the moment, making the broadcast more intense and eye-catching.

Titles in action ("CALL NOW"  use-case)

Any important information can be displayed in the titles during the broadcast: information about the anchorman, telephone numbers, a link to a website, important details of the speech.
In this release, we have added 5 themes for titles, but the set will be expanded in the nearest time.

Most people do broadcasts using the microphone and camera built into their MacBook. But recently we have started getting clients who possess professional and semi-professional equipment, such as SDI and HDMI cameras. To connect such cameras to MacBook and iMac, devices produced by the BlackMagic company, which is an absolute leader in its segment, are widely used. 

“It was pleasant for us that our program started gaining popularity in professional circles, with people who have BlackMagic devices”, says Mikhail Garanin, the developer of JustBroadcaster. “Specially for them, we have added native support of BlackMagic devices with the use of DeckLink SDK produced by the same company”. 
Among other things, support of such devices as UltraStudio Mini Recorder and Intensity Shuttle has been announced.  
BlackMagic devices

Let us recall that JustBroadcaster for YouTube is a software that makes it possible to broadcast in the Live format for presentations, training seminars and webinars, etc. for YouTube users. It is easy to use, intended for people with minimal knowledge of the equipment, and self-explanatory. A broadcast can be setup within a few minutes. It allows for demonstrating the screen, slides, videos, programs, and any other content.

The MacBroadcaster team keeps working at improving JustBroadcaster for YouTube, and hopes for feedback from the application users who can use free online forum support where they will get prompt responses to their questions.

System requirements: 
* OS X 10.10.0 or a later version 
64-bit processor

Try it for FREE by downloading here. 

Do fine streaming using awesome hardware.
Available to anyone who loves a Mac.

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