FAQ: I hear echo (sound is terrible)

Question: I hear echo / sound is terrible

So there are few reasons why you can get echo:

1)  You are doing stream and open Facebook (or YouTube) for view your stream on the same Mac.
So your microphone can catch a sound  from player and you get echo. Please use headphones or sound off into player.

2) You turn on "headphones" button without headphones.  By default this button turned off. Be aware - if you turn on this button then please use headphones.  The button used for control sound only and please use headphones when turn on the button.

Off mode (default)
On mode
 please use headphones to avoid echo for this mode


  1. I have two Facebook pages. Is it possible to stream from Justbroadcaster to both pages simultaneously?

    1. Hi,
      you can use sharing.
      I just copy text from FB FAQ:
      we recommend sharing the stream between the different pages instead.
      (original: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/videos/live-video/faq)

  2. How do I get my macbook to calm down so the fan isn't on every time I use justbroadcaster? I have a background static noise on my recordings. I've seen a comment on this somewhere but can't find it now...