Square mode

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In JustBroadcaster for Facebook 1.6 we introduced new "square mode".

Square mode examples 
So let's tell me about Default and Square modes.

Default mode 

Default mode for JustBroadcaster is "wide-screen" mode (aspect ratio 16:9). It's very popular mode, for example 1280x720 is wide-screen size.

The app and stream in default mode (wide-screen)

Square mode 

Square mode has 1:1 aspect ratio (for example 640x640). It was introduced by Facebook in Facebook Live mobile app.  All streams from mobile Facebook app have square aspect ratio (1:1, width equals height).
So we decided add support this mode to JustBroadcaster for Facebook.

The app and stream in square mode

For turn on square mode you should open settings dialog, check on "FB Square mode", click Apply and re-start JustBroadcaster.
Settings dialog

Of course we prepared special square scenes for this mode. 

Square scene example

Wide-screen or Square-screen....

I don't known devices with square screen. So for fullscreen-viewing wide-screen is preferable mode, because many devices have wide-screen size. 
In other side a stream in square-mode gets more area in Facebook feed:
Square vs Wide mode:
Square stream gets more area in desktop FB 

 and "Facebook Live Map"-app more adapted for  square stream.

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