Chroma Key

You can easy replace "green" background to any background.
You can apply "Chroma Key" filter to any video sources (cameras, images, videos, screen-capture)

Notes: this is experimental feature and we are working on it for make it better.
If you have issues with this feature please send feedback (shortly your "green" video or photo) to


Last Changes

We released new versions of JustBroadcaster.
  1. Added Remote control
  2. Added audio delay
  3. Added Chroma Key (experimental mode)
  4. Added mute control for audio
  5. Added “Connection Error” notification for critical network error
  6. Some bugs fixed
See screenshots how to use this new features:

Remote control 

Audio delay (context menu)

Chroma key control; Audio mute-control

Chroma key in action

Short video about Chroma key:

Connection Error message 

Scheduled Live

We introduced "Scheduled Live" for Facebook.

Official Facebook Page about Scheduled Live:

More detailed info will be added later.

Embed your FB stream into Twitter


We introduced new feature "URL for Twitter-posting". This url allows you to embed stream direct into Twitter.  So you can get more audience from Twitter! 
So let's go:

Step 1: start stream and copy this URL
Step 2: type new Tweet and paste the url


Follower see your tweet and click on it

Embedded FB Live stream into Twitter

How To: speed measurement

Before starting live-streaming it is very important to know your internet speed. When you 

working at home you know your internet speed and everything works correctly. If you change your location, you may have a problem with broadcasting. The reason may be low internet speed, and you need to change your live-streaming speed on facebook.

1.set up speed for your stream

At the launch stream on the broadcaster set a standard broadcast rate of 512 Kbs, which you can change depending on your internet speed.

Internet speed is easy to find using any service, for example,
this service.

If you want a qualitative broadcast, remember to measure internet speed in your streaming place. Remember the rule: streaming speed set in Facebook should be no more than the speed of your Internet.

For example if upload speed is 579Kbit/s then you should use speed 512Kbs or less for your stream (see first picture).

Do fine streaming using awesome hardware.
Available to anyone who loves a Mac

FB OVerlays

We introduced new feature "Facebook Overlays". It's actual for JustBroadcaster for Facebook 1.7.4+

How to use

Customization by customizer

1) Go to FB Overlay Customiser               (we recommended use Chrome or Firefox for customiser)
2) Insert your image
3) Drag & drop reactions and place them on your image
4) Save your theme on local disk
5) After just copy your result into "FB Overlay Themes Folder".

open themes folder

See this video for detail:

How to: screen capture for making presentations


In recent years, increasing popularity recruit training webinars and live events. The main content in these webinars are slides in the presentation format. They are usually prepared in Apple KeyNote, or  in MS Power Point. Also increasing a well-deserved popularity of Google Docs. That allows to prepare a presentation with your distributed team.

But not all of the tools be enable translation correctly and beautifully to submit a presentation in a live broadcast. Often, functional "screen capture" gives the excess, and sometimes private information.

Two Stream with the same content. Feel the difference.

Do it right

We show how to connect the presentation demonstration in JustBroadcaster. Presentation in Google Docs for example.

before -> after

1. Adding an extra scene. We recommended to choose a template with two slots because customers have seen not only the slides, but also your face. People will be pleased to see you at the same time look on the slides, it will increase the interest and will hold the attention.

Choose a template with two slots

2. So, we added a new scene. The lower oval slot we put the camera, click the pop-up button "Insert a window capture" on the big slot. You can capture the entire screen or a specific application. In our case, we choose Safari browser, which in our Google Slides open.

3. Now you see content from Safari. It is time to remove the excess. To do this, place the mouse on the slot pops button "Crop".

Click on it and it will be a gray rectangle indicating the crop area (what is left after pruning).

Drag-move it, designate the necessary area and press the tick.

Default Crop allocates a rectangular area in accordance with the proportions of the slot. If you need to change these proportions, enough to remove the lock from the lock and stretch the hand up and down and left and right as you prefer.

We have described the basic circuit configuration of your broadcast with a demonstration of the presentation.

Successful live streaming!

Do fine streaming using awesome hardware.
Available to anyone who loves a Mac